#113 - Michael Greenwald - "My paintings are a distillation of the natural world into its basic elements of land, water and atmosphere."

E-Mail: mike@greenwaldstudio.com  Web Page - Main

#115 - Katrice Monee Headd - is a Illinois native who has recently grown to call Cleveland Home.

E-Mail:  katricemonee@gmail.com

Print Maker:

#125 -  Brown Wood Fish -"Founded in 2001 with the goal of providing effective design, marketing and technology solutions"

E-Mail:  youareheard@brownwoodfish.com​  Web Page - Main

#109 - Damian Venditti - painting / sculpture / illustration

E-Mail:  dtvenditti@gmail.com

Marketing / Communications:

#118 - JenMarie Zeleznak - "My work is introspective, concerned with emotional and spiritual experience. The animals I depict are a medium for the expression of the self, yet they retain their own autonomy, embodying gestures that convey emotional form and are signposts of a kind, indicating shared aspects of being. The pictorial space here isn’t the natural world, but an in-between place - the innermost space between thinking and being. There is serenity in surrendering to an external force, suspended somewhere between despair and reconciliation."

E-Mail:  jenmarie.zeleznak@gmail.com  Web Page - Main

#112 - John R. Davis - Watercolorist and Frame Maker. My Paintings are a pat of my history; they are people, places and scenes in my life.

E-Mail: Borrowedtime1999@aol.com  Web Page - Main

#107 - Anastasia Linger - “I seek visceral experiences in both life and art. My work deals with the physical, material, and psychological world, and is often influenced by my background in biology and neuroscience. I explore the pathos of gore and corporeality, as well as the fragility of our physical and psychological states of being"

E-Mail: ana.r.linger@gmail.com  Web Page - Main

Artist Services:

Tower Press Group

Performance Art:

#117 - Scott Murphy - "Perception and affect in everyday encounters; balance, fluidity, and growth; 
support structures and world as family."

E-Mail: qophde@gmail.com

#108 - Erica Miller - "We cannot express the light in nature because we have not the sun. We can only express the light we have in ourselves." Arthur Dove

E-Mail: E.Erica.Miller@gmail.com  Web Page - Main

#106 - Mike Levy - Photographer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer for 16 years. Named Ohio's Photographer of the Year by the Ohio News Photographers Association on five different occasions, most recently in 2005, Levy left the newspaper and started Mike Levy Photography, LLC, where he is currently working. He is the author of Cleveland's Urban Landscape: The Sacred and the Transient (Kent State University Press, 2003).

E-Mail:  zmikelevy@gmail.com​  Web Page - Main

#101 William Jean - Mixed media works creating strong minimal landscape forms. 

E-Mail: wmjean@aol.com  Web Page - Main

#116 - Anne Kibbe  “Anne Kibbe explores the associative power of marking to evoke the depths of human history and the unconscious" Douglas Max Utter

E-Mail: avmkibbe@yahoo.com

#111 - Gallery 0022 - "Getting great art out into great places." Pictured, Anthony Van Rooy.

E-Mail: rex@straightshooter.com  Web Page - Main

Artefino Cafe and Gallery - Gallery, Coffee, Gourmet Sandwiches, Fresh Soups, Smoothies and More!

Photo © Dan Morgan

Web Page - Main

#130 - The Community Partnership for Arts and Culture - CPAC is a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening and unifying greater Cleveland’s arts and culture sector.

E-Mail:  valerie@cultureforward.org  Web Page - Main

#110 – Susan Allen – “I am inspired by the many beautiful landscapes I encounter on my daily walks and travel adventures.  Because my background is classical music, my approach is thoughtful and studied.  I capture what I see in a realistic manner. “

E-Mail: susanallen11bc@gmail.com

#130 - Creative Compass - MyCreativeCompass.org is an online clearinghouse of resources, helping artists navigate opportunity in greater Cleveland. Creative Compass is a program of the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture.

E-Mail:  valerie@cultureforward.org  Web Page - Main


#119 -Christopher Stofan - “We are driven by emotion, and sometimes ruled by it. Much of my work is an attempt to express those common emotions and experiences that we all share, and that bind us together.”

E-Mail: stofan_c@yahoo.com  Web Page - Main

#304 -  Cunningham Baron - "We’re the smart partner you deserve to help your business reach new heights."

E-Mail:  info@CunninghamBaron.com  Web Page - Main

Mixed Media:

#114 - Gould Studios -- Harriet Gould manages studio for Arts Prize winning artist William Gould.
E-Mail: gouldloft@sbcglobal.net  Web Page - Main

Group Listing

Galleries / Artist Representation:

#111 - Dan Morgan / Straight Shooter - Specializing in commercial work, Dan is always experimenting with new ways to help his clients sell their products or services, through creative photography and image manipulation.

E-Mail: rex@straightshooter.com  Web Pages - Main - Instagram

Photography / Film:

#102 - Robert Banks - "Banks has had his films shown at the Sundance Film Festival, was named Filmmaker of the Year at the Midwest Filmmakers Conference, and in 2000, he was the honored guest filmmaker in London at the BBC British Short Film Festival."

E-Mail: neohypofilms@yahoo.com  Web Page - Main

Visual Artists: